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Well, I had computer classes all day yesterday to orient to the charting system I will be using in my first Travel Nursing assignment.  After using the same computer system for 17 years, this should be interesting!  I’m actually really excited about all of it which kinda surprises me.  I really expected to be much more nervous than I am.  Tonight is my first night I orient on the floor.  I am in a floating pool where I will float to all of the hospital’s ICUs and step-down units.  Again, after spending the last 11 years in one ICU, this should be interesting.  In addition to all of that, I will be working night shift- which I have not done in 5 years- again, this should be interesting.  This girl may need a bit of prayer to stay awake and alert for a twelve hour shift.

While I am working in Florence I am staying with my in-laws.  My mother-in-law very graciously invited me to stay with them during my 13 week assignment.  The really awesome thing is that my girls get to come with me to their grandparents while I work my three day stretch.  The girls are absolutely loving spending time with their grandparents.  It is awesome for me, too.  Although, the children are being spoiled rotten, I am as well.  My mother-in-law cooks!  It’s fantastic!

So, the girls’ grandparents live about 35 minutes from the hospital in Florence.  They have a beautiful home on 5 acres.  My husband and I always enjoy coming here.  It’s in the country, surrounded by soy bean, cotton, and peanut fields.  It’s nestled back on a long dirt road.  It’s very peaceful.  No traffic!  My girls love it here.  They’ve been able to drive a go cart in the yard and play on a zero turn mower.  They love it.

Today they took me on a mission.  There is a 10 foot deep ditch on the edge of the property.  The kids came in asking if they could get the duck out of the ditch.  I’m imaging a nasty, dead duck they are wanting to dig out of the ditch-gross!  It was a decoy duck.  Jaelyn, my 10 year old, climbed down an extension ladder, and ‘saved’ the duck.  It was serious, like a military mission. :)


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